"The basic things expected by our people of their political and economic systems are simple. They are:
Equality of opportunity for youth and for others.
Jobs for those who can work.
Security for those who need it.
The ending of special privilege for the few.
The preservation of civil liberties for all."
-- Franklin Delano Roosevelt, January 6, 1941

In 2005, the hurricanes that ravaged the American South exposed the problem of poverty that still grips the United States. Regardless of race, class, or religion, we all end up paying for poverty eventually. So what can be done?

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The Fish Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides lower-income families the ability to create a financial legacy. We work in partnership with community groups already in the field to develop innovative programs in four distinct areas -- educational advancement, financial literacy, nutritional education, and psychological counseling. We fight poverty by funding progressive solutions to a growing problem.